December 3, 2021

Legal Notices

Legal Notices are published by the county’s designated newspapers, the McPherson County Herald and the Northwest Blade. Any differences between the content here and in the designated newspapers are not intentional and the published version shall be considered official. Notices are available here as a courtesy

2021 Legal Notices
Flooded Farmland Application


Applications may be picked up at the Director of Equalization Office for reduction in value on flooded farm land.  The land must be flooded and not farmable for the past 3 growing seasons.

Land that is in CRP or other programs where payment was received is not considered farmable and is not eligible for this adjustment.

Applications must include a current FSA map with the flooded acres highlighted on the map.  An application is needed for each parcel of land.

The deadline for these applications to be in the Director of Equalization Office is November 1, 2021.  You have to apply each year to receive a water reduction.

Lanette Butler, CAA

Director of Equalization

PSA: County Wide Assessment

PSA: County Wide Assessment

The McPherson County Equalization office is doing a county wide assessment within McPherson County.  Those assessing will be Brooke Graves and Lanette Butler. A county wide assessment will evaluate all the property in the county, specifically we will be looking at the structures that are present. In 2021, we are doing the city of Leola. If time allows, we will expand that to other areas within the county.  A total county wide assessment will take 5 to 7 years.

The county wide assessment is being done to insure that property is fairly assessed within the whole county.  For example, if two ranch style homes were built about the same year and have similar layouts and finishes, they should have a similar assessment. However, if one was remodel to change the layout and flow of the home and the other wasn’t, then their values should be different. The same ranch style house can have different values if it is Leola vs. Eureka vs the country.

Now some may be concerned with letting us in their homes.  We are not trying to spy on you or policing you.  We simply are gathering information on the layout, flooring and types of counters.  We are also interested in the bathrooms because the number of toilets, tubs/showers and sinks impact the value of the specific bathroom.

A typical assessment will vary in length due to the number of structures that need to be measured and the amount of information that needs to be collected on each structure, a house versus a garden shed.

If anyone has questions, please call the McPherson County Equalization office at 605-439-3663. Our office is more than willing to answer your questions. You can also call this number to schedule your appointment.