May 27, 2018



Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Sheriff Position

Employment Application

To Apply for this job please send a completed Employment Application along with your resume to:
McPherson County Sheriff’s Office
P.O. Box 158
Leola, SD 57456

Sheriff’s Offices are very unique law enforcement entities. The Sheriff is independently elected by the people of which he or she serve. Arguably, the level of accountability is unmatched in any other law enforcement position. As a Deputy Sheriff, you will be tasked with preforming practically the same duties as the Sheriff and will be expected to do so in a professional and responsible manner. 
Some of the duties a Deputy is responsible for include: civil process, traffic enforcement, crash investigations, all general crime investigations (ranging from petty theft to serious felony violent crimes), city and county ordinance enforcement, court security, prisoner transportation, Warrants and Bonds, and much more.
The Deputy is expected to become engaged and involved in the communities they serve.
The Deputy will be involved with area school functions and is expected to be familiar with school staff and school activities. Participation in school events is encouraged when requested.  

The McPherson County Sheriff’s Office is in search of an applicant interested in moving to Leola, South Dakota. This applicant must be of good moral character, independent, have the ability to work alone, cooperative, a team player, self-motivated, and have a passion for helping people.
The applicant
 must pass a criminal history background check and sign a consent release form authorizing the background search. The applicant must be 21 years of age or older, possess a valid South Dakota driver’s license or eligible to obtain one, have a clear drivers history, minor traffic violations may not disqualify the applicant. The applicant must be physically fit and able to lift a minimum of 75 pounds. 
The Deputy will be tasked with fulfilling contractual requirements of cities within McPherson County that contract with the Sheriff for law enforcement services as well as preforming all general law enforcement duties within the County.
In addition to county wide law enforcement duties, the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office is also tasked with providing Emergency Management services and assists the McPherson County Coroner by serving as Deputy Coroners.

Questions about this position? Contact Dave Ackerman at 605-439-3400 or email