January 22, 2018

County Resolutions


A resolution is a written motion by the McPherson County Board of Commissioners, adopted by a vote. A resolution may be a statement of policy by the commission or an order by the commission that a specific action be taken. Resolutions go into effect immediately upon adoption.


2017 Resolutions – Current as of 12/5/2017

17-1 Weight Per Axle Limits

17-2 Plat Approval

17-3 Bridge Inspection Program

17-4 City of Eureka Annexation of McPherson Co Zoned Property

17-5 City of Eureka Annexation of McPherson Co Zoned Property

17-6 Resolution Banning All Open Burning

17-7 Request for Rangeland Fire Assistance Authorization List

17-8 Plat Approval

17-9 Updated Burn Ban

17-10 Appointment of applicant for PDM Plan

17-11 Drought Disaster Resolution

17-12 Annual Budget

17-13 Plat Approval

17-14 Resolution Authorizing Release of Lien

17-15 Plat Approval

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Resolutions prior to 2010 are available by request at the Auditor’s office: 605-439-3314