May 25, 2022

Drainage Permits

Drainage Application

A Drainage permit is needed when a land owner wants to install any drain tile on their land.

The Drainage Permit is a flat fee of $100, plus local paper publishing costs.

The drainage permit will run twice in the paper, and you will be billed by the Auditor separately for the publishing fees. Before any tile work is done, your drainage permit will need to be approved by the Drainage board. When meeting with the Drainage Board you will need to bring an FSA map marked with all intended work and be able to explain in detail what you want to do. If necessary you may need an engineer’s report and may you may have to return to future meetings if the board requests any additional information prior to approval.

For further information on drainage please visit the drainage tab on this website!

Any questions? Contact the Equalization Office – (605) 439-3663
The Equalization Office is located on the First Floor of the McPherson Co. Courthouse