May 25, 2022

Building Permits

Building Permit Application

The building permit is needed for the rural area of the county, and also for the Cities of Long Lake, and Wetonka. The permit is a flat fee of $25.

A variance is needed if you are building/planting anything that is less than 150 feet from the center of the road or section line. The variance fee is $100 and also must be approved by the Zoning Board.

**You do not need a building permit for shingles or metal roofing.**


Building permits are required for one of two instances:

For any improvements on or to any structure/building in which the market value(net worth) of the improvements exceeds $3000 dollars.

– OR –

For any structure or building, regardless of cost, if additional land or area is required for it to be sited on.


Please return the completed building permit to the Director of Equalization with the fee, and you will be issued your building permit.

Any questions? Contact the Equalization Office – (605) 439-3663
The Equalization Office is located on the First Floor of the McPherson Co. Courthouse